Reasons for hair loss
Over secretion of DHT
DHT is derived from a kind of hormone inside the human body. If there is an excessive amount of DHT accumulated in the scalp, pores will be clogged, hair follicles will be compressed, leaving them malnourished and withered, thus resulting in hair loss.
Dysfunction of the immune system
When there is a problem in the immune system, antibodies inside the body will mistake hair follicles as bacteria. They will then attack the hair follicles, making damage to the follicle cells, eventually leading to hair loss.
Everyday stress
The stress in daily life may lead to Endocrine disorders. The nutrition supply for hair follicles and hair root nutrition gradually decreases and hinders the normal growth of hair, resulting in hair loss.
An imbalanced diet
With an imbalanced diet, the body cannot absorb the necessary nutrients, indirectly led to the decrease in nutrient for hair follicles. Hair thus becomes fragile and easy to fall out.
Excessive use of hair products
leads to an excessive secretion of oil in scalps, hair follicles may clog and affect the scalp and the health of hair.
Genetic factors
Androgen DHT may shorten the hair’s growth phase, putting a halt to hair growth before the hair is mature, replacing deeply rooted terminal hair with vellus hair. If such condition persists, the hair follicles will shrink, making newly grown hair fragile. When the hair follicles cannot maintain the healthy growth of hair, hair loss will be resulted.
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Reasons for
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