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Hair loss and one’s lifestyle are interrelated therefore it is important to pay attention to the daily habits in order to prevent hair loss. Firstly, sufficient sleep can enhance metabolism in skin and hair. Secondly, when one is psychologically healthy, hair loss can be reduced. Eating habits also has to be taken into account. One should always consume food with protein and trace elements, vegetables and fruits but eat less greasy or sugary foods.
Correct way of hair care
• Choose your shampoo carefully. Pay attention to the PH value, if it is too acidic, hair will over-shrink and becomes fragile. In contrast, when the shampoo is too alkaline, hair may expand and becomes coarse. Therefore shampoo with PH 5-6, which is the approximate PH value of the human body would be the best option.
• When washing your hair, keep the temperature between 30-33°C. Water that is too hot may stimulate the sebaceous gland to produce sebum excessively.
• Sufficient rest is beneficial to hair growth. A lack of sleep will result in an increase in sebum secretion, which affects the normal metabolism and hinders the intake of nutrients in the hair follicles, thus increases the risk of hair loss.
• Overexposure to the sun may lead to a breakage of collagen under the scalp, affecting the strength of the hair roots. Wearing a hat during outdoor activities on a sunny day can help protect the scalp.
• Hair dye can cause serious harm not only to hair but to the scalp. The chemical components can accumulate on the scalp and cannot be cleansed away.
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[Basic scalp and hair Therapy]
Hair Follicles Purifying Treatment
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[Treats overproduction of sebum, dandruff, scalp infection and itching]
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VIP ACE [Treats spot baldness, severe hair loss, hair thinning]
VIP Intensive Nutrition Treatment
Per Treatment/$1980 30 Treatments/$49800
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